The Million Dollar Goal - April 22

I just finished reading the book The Million Dollar Goal by Dan Gutman. This book made me feel sad because there was a grandma called Oma and she basiclly only had one goal wich was to win something in her life and in the end she didn´t achieve her goal. A connection I had was that Oma in the book was very stubborn like my 2 year old brother. My connection helped me because I know how hard and annoying it can be to take care of somebody who is very stubborn. This book was maybe a bit to easy for me because I could finish it in just four days but it was a fun read.

Well the two characters I choose are Oma and Dad. Well in the start of the story Oma doesn't care about shooting and scoring the million dollar shot. Oma is also stubborn and doesn't listen or care about what any body tells her. In the begginning Oma always gets mad about everything. In the end she learns that it is just stupid to not listen and she also learns that it can help to listen. What made Oma change is the hockey training that Dawn and Dusk made up to make her good for the million dollar shot. They make her listen by being strict and forcing her to train. Dad's change is that in the beginning of the book he is really worried and says that Oma can't take the million dollar shot but as more things happen he agrees that it's Oma's own disiccion to choose if she is going to take the shot or not. Dad is pretty stubborn like Oma his mother. What made him change was Oma because all she wanted was to win those million dollars and Oma was even more stubborn than her son and said that it was her choice.

Well the problem in the story is winning the million dollars. The end that you think is the end is that Dusk takes the shot because of Oma's death and he misses. But that isn't a happy ending so it ends with them selling Elvis Presley's birth certificate and earninga a million dollars. I thought it was a funny but stupid ending because they didn't win then they won in another way. I would change that Oma dies after the shot on the ice rinc holding a microphone and she says ''Elvis lives'' and they still get the million dollars from his certificate. I think that the author's message is don't give up. I think that because that is exactly what the Rosenbergs don't do they never give up.