A Fabumouse Vacation For Geronimo

Dear Mr. Daw,
I read the book A Fabumouse Vacation For Geronimo by Geronimo Stilton. This book made me feel fun because it's such a joyful and funny book because Geronimo is so stubborn and wants every thing to be perfect and he hates surprises. One of my connections were that sometimes I look forward to my vacation this connection helped me because I could understand that he really got mad when he couldn't go to the nice vacations he had planned.

Well Geronimo changed in the book because in the begging he was very stubborn and he always wanted the same thing and like no surprises and he also changed because he really did hate Pinky Pick in the begging of the book Pinky wanted to like fool around and Geronimo didn't at least not with Pinky. But later in the book Geronimo really learned that it could actually be fun to play with Pinky even though she was younger and he liked to relax he could still have fun with her. Well what made him change was that he didn't want to be mean to Pinky so he accepted to play with Pinky and had loads of fun.

The problem got resolved when he tried to play with Pinky and he had fun with her because the games that Pinky had found where fun to play. I was happy when the problem was resolved because it made me feel like Geronimo was finally happy that he had gone to the Ratty Tatty Hotel even though it was a pretty bad hotel. I would have changed that he would have almost gone to the perfect place but like got on the wrong bus and Pinky was on the same bust and no bust would be returning back until like 2 his vacation was over. Because he would have made a gigantic mistake but he would still have had fun with Pinky. I think the author's message was that even if things don't go the way you want them to go you can still have a lot of fun.

Simon Fischer

Sign of the Beaver

Sign of the Beaver Summary/ December 1th 2009
By Elizabeth George Speare

It was only silence that Matt heard as he started to tramp away. Matt's dad had left him alone in the forest because his dad needed to bring the other half of there family. If Matt hadn't stayed anyone could have claimed the land. Matt notices that someone or something is watching him. When he comes back from fishing one day his cabin is ruined his jar molasses, his flour and his honey. Matt gets desperate for the taste of sugar he struglles to get honey but gets attacked by bees. One day he wakes up to find two Native Americans crowding in his cabin they have saved his life. The only thing he can give in return is teaching Sacnes's (the grandfather's) grandson Attean English. Matt keeps track of the cabin while Attean's lesson change around and Attean starts to teach Matt to stay alive in the wild. So Attean leads him out in the forest and shows him everything he knows. Attean has found his manitu (his soul) and he is now a man. One day they decide to leave it's becoming winter they say his parents havn't come back jet and him and the Native Americans have started to bond they ask him to join there tribe. He can't accept it would be like a betrayal to his father. When they leave Attean comes and tells him that Matt is his brother. When they have left Matt things about this all the way till his dad comes back. He was amazed about the bonding of there cultures.

The Whipping Boy

Prince Brat lives in a perfect pristine world, in a castle. Whenever he pranks someone Jemmy gets whipped for it. Jemmy has no choice when El.Brato forces him to run away with him. First thing that happens KIDNAPPED by the vicious cutthroats Cutwater and Hold-Your-Nose Billy. One day they escape. They have been out for possibly two weeks chased by the cutthroats. When they decide to return Jemmy remembers all the places they have been to the hut, the forest and the fairground and on this long time period Jemmy notices that Prince Brat isn't a brat any more he's Jemmy's friend.

MIdnight Sabatuare

Dear Mr.Daw,
I read the book Midnight Saboteur by Martin Booth. This book made me feel sad and sorry for all the good people in the Second World War. I think it made me feel sad because they had to lose there lives by doing what was right. I even felt bad for some of the Nazi's because they weren't always the ones making the decisions. The big connection I made in this book is that the care you have for the people you love is unbelievable. To support that I have Jacob in the book breaking into the Gestapo police headquarters and saving his mom someone he loved a lot. This helped me read the book because I knew that what he was doing I would probably also do if my dad or my mom was captured because not only them but people like that are important to me. This is a proficient book and I think it's a just right book because my thinking that I have gotten out of it is massive and I understand it so well.
Jacob is the only big character in this book so he is the one who also changed most in the book. First of all in the begging of the book Jacob thought it was all a bit of his marvelous adventure but as closer he got to enemy lines he started to understand that it wasn't a joke any more. I think in the beginning Jacob is a bit stupid you could say foolhardy but as the book continues he doesn't only understand that war isn't a joke but he becomes more mature.
The problem was resolved when Jacob saved his mom at the Gestapo headquarters. I felt happy when this happened because that was the time he took a big risk which he could have died from so he must have had a lot of courage while doing that. If I had anything to change in the story it would be that he Jacob didn't have to kill somebody when he saved his mom. I think that because it becomes more like scary. I think the the message in the story is that even if you think it might be hard, dangerous, scary, stupid or whatever it can really be important to try.
Dear, Mr. Daw

I read the book Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan. The book is Historical Fiction
with taste of stories that might have actually happened in the Second World War. This book connects to my life because my Grandfather Hans fled to Sweden in the Second World War because he was a Jew. So I have read a lot about the Second World War and know a lot about it. This connection helped me because i knew what some of the main attacks where. This is a just right book for me because i am between black and dark blue in my reading level.

There are two characters I want to talk about. First the main character Peter Lundstrom. In the beginning of the book I think Peter really is afraid of the Nazi's but later on he gets more courage and more bravery as the book continuous. For a example in the end Peter throws a snowball at the German general because he was about to discover that they had something they where hiding. Second important character would be Helga Peter's sisters friend. In the beginning of the story she wouldn't have taken the risk to move the gold. Helga was very demanding in the beginning of the story she wasn't that cooperative and very bossy. But as the story continued Helga started to agree to what Peter would say and also listen more. What made both of them change was moving the gold I think. For Peter he got braver and more determined as the story grew. For Helga she started listening and also agreeing and compromising with some things.

The problem was resolved when they finished unloading the gold on the Cleng Peerson. And also when the Polish man Jan Lasek saved Peter when he was captured at the German's base. Something I would change would be that one German soldier discovered the gold and went back to tell the general but the Cleng Peerson left just in time so the German's didn't have time to discover the gold. I would have liked that change because then it would be a bit more exciting.I think the message is that you always have to keep on trying and believe that you can do it.


Book Bytes October 2009

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