A Fabumouse Vacation For Geronimo

Dear Mr. Daw,
I read the book A Fabumouse Vacation For Geronimo by Geronimo Stilton. This book made me feel fun because it's such a joyful and funny book because Geronimo is so stubborn and wants every thing to be perfect and he hates surprises. One of my connections were that sometimes I look forward to my vacation this connection helped me because I could understand that he really got mad when he couldn't go to the nice vacations he had planned.

Well Geronimo changed in the book because in the begging he was very stubborn and he always wanted the same thing and like no surprises and he also changed because he really did hate Pinky Pick in the begging of the book Pinky wanted to like fool around and Geronimo didn't at least not with Pinky. But later in the book Geronimo really learned that it could actually be fun to play with Pinky even though she was younger and he liked to relax he could still have fun with her. Well what made him change was that he didn't want to be mean to Pinky so he accepted to play with Pinky and had loads of fun.

The problem got resolved when he tried to play with Pinky and he had fun with her because the games that Pinky had found where fun to play. I was happy when the problem was resolved because it made me feel like Geronimo was finally happy that he had gone to the Ratty Tatty Hotel even though it was a pretty bad hotel. I would have changed that he would have almost gone to the perfect place but like got on the wrong bus and Pinky was on the same bust and no bust would be returning back until like 2 his vacation was over. Because he would have made a gigantic mistake but he would still have had fun with Pinky. I think the author's message was that even if things don't go the way you want them to go you can still have a lot of fun.

Simon Fischer

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