Sign of the Beaver

Sign of the Beaver Summary/ December 1th 2009
By Elizabeth George Speare

It was only silence that Matt heard as he started to tramp away. Matt's dad had left him alone in the forest because his dad needed to bring the other half of there family. If Matt hadn't stayed anyone could have claimed the land. Matt notices that someone or something is watching him. When he comes back from fishing one day his cabin is ruined his jar molasses, his flour and his honey. Matt gets desperate for the taste of sugar he struglles to get honey but gets attacked by bees. One day he wakes up to find two Native Americans crowding in his cabin they have saved his life. The only thing he can give in return is teaching Sacnes's (the grandfather's) grandson Attean English. Matt keeps track of the cabin while Attean's lesson change around and Attean starts to teach Matt to stay alive in the wild. So Attean leads him out in the forest and shows him everything he knows. Attean has found his manitu (his soul) and he is now a man. One day they decide to leave it's becoming winter they say his parents havn't come back jet and him and the Native Americans have started to bond they ask him to join there tribe. He can't accept it would be like a betrayal to his father. When they leave Attean comes and tells him that Matt is his brother. When they have left Matt things about this all the way till his dad comes back. He was amazed about the bonding of there cultures.

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