MIdnight Sabatuare

Dear Mr.Daw,
I read the book Midnight Saboteur by Martin Booth. This book made me feel sad and sorry for all the good people in the Second World War. I think it made me feel sad because they had to lose there lives by doing what was right. I even felt bad for some of the Nazi's because they weren't always the ones making the decisions. The big connection I made in this book is that the care you have for the people you love is unbelievable. To support that I have Jacob in the book breaking into the Gestapo police headquarters and saving his mom someone he loved a lot. This helped me read the book because I knew that what he was doing I would probably also do if my dad or my mom was captured because not only them but people like that are important to me. This is a proficient book and I think it's a just right book because my thinking that I have gotten out of it is massive and I understand it so well.
Jacob is the only big character in this book so he is the one who also changed most in the book. First of all in the begging of the book Jacob thought it was all a bit of his marvelous adventure but as closer he got to enemy lines he started to understand that it wasn't a joke any more. I think in the beginning Jacob is a bit stupid you could say foolhardy but as the book continues he doesn't only understand that war isn't a joke but he becomes more mature.
The problem was resolved when Jacob saved his mom at the Gestapo headquarters. I felt happy when this happened because that was the time he took a big risk which he could have died from so he must have had a lot of courage while doing that. If I had anything to change in the story it would be that he Jacob didn't have to kill somebody when he saved his mom. I think that because it becomes more like scary. I think the the message in the story is that even if you think it might be hard, dangerous, scary, stupid or whatever it can really be important to try.

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