Dear, Mr. Daw

I read the book Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan. The book is Historical Fiction
with taste of stories that might have actually happened in the Second World War. This book connects to my life because my Grandfather Hans fled to Sweden in the Second World War because he was a Jew. So I have read a lot about the Second World War and know a lot about it. This connection helped me because i knew what some of the main attacks where. This is a just right book for me because i am between black and dark blue in my reading level.

There are two characters I want to talk about. First the main character Peter Lundstrom. In the beginning of the book I think Peter really is afraid of the Nazi's but later on he gets more courage and more bravery as the book continuous. For a example in the end Peter throws a snowball at the German general because he was about to discover that they had something they where hiding. Second important character would be Helga Peter's sisters friend. In the beginning of the story she wouldn't have taken the risk to move the gold. Helga was very demanding in the beginning of the story she wasn't that cooperative and very bossy. But as the story continued Helga started to agree to what Peter would say and also listen more. What made both of them change was moving the gold I think. For Peter he got braver and more determined as the story grew. For Helga she started listening and also agreeing and compromising with some things.

The problem was resolved when they finished unloading the gold on the Cleng Peerson. And also when the Polish man Jan Lasek saved Peter when he was captured at the German's base. Something I would change would be that one German soldier discovered the gold and went back to tell the general but the Cleng Peerson left just in time so the German's didn't have time to discover the gold. I would have liked that change because then it would be a bit more exciting.I think the message is that you always have to keep on trying and believe that you can do it.



  1. This time of human history is one that produced a lot of change in families all over the world. Death, moving and prejudice were all a big part of these bleak years. Your connection is amazing. While it can be hard, you might want to talk to your Grandfather about this story and if it has any connections to his background.
    One thing is for sure, these times bring out the best in people and what they can really do. Leadership is also an area you might have looked at since someone had to organize all this. Your message is an important one for all people today.