Dear Mr. Daw,

I just finished the book A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park. This book made me feel that poverty was and will always be a major problem in the world. Min is a potter during the whole book Min has a wish his wish is to become a man who makes pottery for the Emperor I can connect to that because he really needs to fulfill that wish and I have read about another character in another book. This connection helped me because during the story I knew that he wouldn't die before he would have fulfilled that wish. This is a just right book for me because i could read it at a good tempo and still understand everything.

The two characters that changed a lot in this book were Tree-ear and Min. Tree-ear changed in the end of the book .When Tree-ear knows that he is bringing the two vases to Emissary Kim he gets really cocky and he thinks he is so cool and like thinks nothing bad is going to happen. But later on when he gets robbed and the two thugs throw the vases of the cliff something happens to Tree-ear. Tree-ear is so worried but then he finds a single shard and brings it to Emissary Kim and Kim accepts it. In the beginning of the book Min the potter is very stubborn and really doesn't care about anybody but himself. Min is so stubborn because all that he wants is to get a royal commission from a Emissary. For a example Min doesn't want to teach Tree-ear to make pots only because it doesn't follow old traditions. In the end Min is still a bit stubborn but he is happier because he has finally gotten his royal commission. Min also takes in Tree-ear as his own son because Tree-ear is a orphan and he teaches him to make pots.

The problem of the story was resolved when Emissary Kim accepts the single shard and lets Min become a royal commissioner. I felt good about the revolution because everybody ended up happy. If I could change anything in the book it would be that Min would let Tree-ear learn to make pottery earlier in the book and not in the end. I think the message in the book is everything might not seem perfect but you need to carry on until it at least gets better.

Simon Fischer